14 What does not happen next

What is Not Going to Happen

• There is no imminent return of Christ. There are too many outstanding prophecies which need to be fulfilled. 'The Day of the Lord' which came like a 'thief in the night' was a prophecy about the forthcoming wrath of God against Christ-rejecting Jews in Jerusalem in AD70.
• There is no 'Tribulation' against the church. The tribulation of Matthew 24 was a prophecy about AD70.
• The 'great falling away' described in Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians may be the same mentioned in John's first letter, or to non-Christian Jews in Israel circa AD70.
• The antichrist of John's first letter was probably Nero but there are also other possibilities. Either way, there is no need to consider that this antichrist is part of our future.
• The antichrists described figuratively in Daniel and Revelation have been known within the Protestant churches for centuries. There is no reason to believe that the present 'Pontifex Maximus' or any future Pontifex Maximus poses a great threat to the contemporary or future church.
• 'The mark of the beast' is a figurative expression which describes the identity of certain individuals in the twelfth century. There is no need to believe adherence to the laws of their religion will be imposed on future generations.
• 'The Man of Lawlessness' was John of Giscala who took over the temple of God and abused the high priestly offices in AD70. He will not come back again.